Ragbi klub Rad



  Tим У П Н И УП Б
 1. ПАРТИЗАН 6 5  0  1 259:59 25
 2. РАД 6 5 0 1 286:96 24
 3. ВОЈВОДИНА 6 2  0 4 132:208 10
 4. ДИНАМО 6  0  0  6 49:363 0


 1.Коло – 02-03.Март

  Динамо – РАД (0 : 116)


 2.Коло – 16-17.Март

  РАД – Војводина (41 : 19)

  Партизан – Динамо (25 : 0)


 3.Коло – 30-31.Март

  Војводина – Партизан (15 : 29)


 4.Коло – 13-14.Април

  Динамо – Војводина (20 : 48)


 5.Коло – 20-21-Април

  РАД – Партизан (25 : 0)


 6.Коло – 14-15.Септембар

  РАД – Динамо (62 : 5)


 7.Коло – 07-08.Септембар

  Војводина – РАД (17 : 28)

  Динамо – Партизан (3 : 81)


 8.коло – 14-15.Септембар

  Партизан – Војводина (69 : 0)


 9.Коло – 21-22.Септембар

  Војводина – Динамо (31 : 21)


 10.Коло – 21-22.Септембар

  Партизан – РАД (55 : 14)


 Плеј оф – прва утакмица


  Партизан – РАД (16 : 18)


 Плеј оф – друга утакмица


  РАД – Партизан (10:39)


 Плеј оф – трећа утакмица


  Партизан – РАД (41 : 0)





About the Belgrade Winner 7`s tournament

            The first ever Belgrade Winner tournament was played on 16th and 17th of June, 2012. Since then, the tournament has attracted many domestic and international teams. Since its inception, the tournament has been announced as the best platform for rugby 7 in the Balkan Peninsula, and beyond. Let’s remind that Rugby 7 was announced as an Olympic sport in 2017 and it is our greatest interest to present it in its very best light here in Serbia, what we have been successfully doing for the past six years.

            A large number of teams and rugby fans from all participating countries visit the Belgrade Winner each year to compete and enjoy rugby. So far, our guests, beside our host teams from Serbia, came from countries that are considered to be one of the world’s best rugby nations such as Scotland, Romania and Italy, and with them the inevitable part of the tournament are also: Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. Also, the national teams can apply for the tournament, so we had the honor to host the national teams of: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia. The high quality of rugby and organization, this tournament really places itself at the very top of the rugby events of Central and Southeastern Europe. The success of the tournament is also indicated by the fact that more than twenty teams participate in the competition every year in the competition of men, women and youth (U18), and the only comment our guests have is – “See you next year!”

This year we are celebrating a hundred years of Serbian rugby union so the tournament will be the best ever held! Special guests from George Heriot’s School in Scotland, where everything started for Serbia, will also visit tournament as a part of a one century tradition long. Be sure not to miss this special event for Serbian rugby!


The tournament is open-type, which means you can sign-in your team. The number of teams per country / club is not limited.



To register for the tournament, you must fill the application form which you can download here and then send it to E-mail: rugbypobednik@gmail.com, after which we will reach you.



You will find all the other necessary information here, and you can get answers to additional questions also via E-mail: rugbypobednik@gmail.com as soon as possible.

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Restoran "RAD" Crnotravska bb, Stadion FK Rad
Prodavnica bele tehnike i elektro materijala, nalazi na adresi Bratstva i Jedinstva 28c, Beograd 11211 Borča.

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